The Influential Actuary Book

The Influential Actuary - The Book


In The Influential Actuary, David C. Miller lays out specific tools and strategies that enable actuaries and other technical professionals to add greater value to their organizations by being more influential in the way they communicate, influence and relate to others.


Working for 16 years as both a company and consulting actuary, Dave saw first- hand the marketing challenges actuaries can face in their organizations. Actuaries are often seen in a limited light. They are viewed as backroom technicians who are brilliant at what they do, but lack the high-level business acumen to be useful in more senior and strategic roles.


While many actuaries have defied this stereotype, many more have not. In a study done by the Society of Actuaries, many employers indicated that actuaries in general lack the business savvy skills needed most by executives.


The Influential Actuary is a practical manual instructing actuaries on how they can break through these perception barriers and make a greater impact on their organizations.


In this book, you will learn:

  • The skills that four influential actuaries believe most contributed to their success.
  • 5 core competencies needed to master interpersonal effectiveness.
  • 10 critical mistakes that make communication ineffective and how to avoid them.
  • A specific model to use when selling your ideas to senior management.
  • How to build your relationship portfolio.
  • How to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-actuaries.
  • Practical strategies to successfully move out of your comfort zone and set yourself apart!


Table of Contents

Set Apart

  1. Set Apart

  2. The Interviews With Influential Actuaries


Knowing What Makes People Tick

  3. Identifying Your Client's Style

  4. Adapting To Your Client's Style

  5. Pay Attention To Tension


Knowing How To Sell Your Ideas

  6. Principles of Influence

  7. The Power of Listening and Asking Effective Questions

  8. The Influential Conversation


Getting Out There & Playing The Game

  9. Know and Be Known

10. High Impact Communication

11.  Mastering Your Psychology

12.  Coaching Yourself To Success



David C. Miller distills the same systematic approach he has used in coaching over 500 technical experts and corporate executives into practical, proven principles, skills, models and strategies in The Influential Actuary. Dave is a speaker, author and trainer, leading seminars on leadership. He is an internationally recognized human- development expert specializing in sales, leadership and change management. Dave is certified as a Professional Certified Coach by The International Coach Federation.